The times we're living in are unprecedented; businesses are closed down, people are working from home where possible, and healthcare workers, as well as other essential service workers, remain on the front lines, working to heal the sick and keep all of us afloat. As much as we can try to avoid being around other people to prevent the spread of COVID-19, sometimes being in the public and around others is inescapable. During these times, it's so important that we remember to practice safe interactions with others and in our environments. We need to ensure we have safe social distancing from others and wear the proper personal protection equipment (PPE). In order to encourage and remind individuals of necessary steps to practice during this pandemic, we've released COVID-19 Floor Signs. These signs have been designed to catch the attention of healthcare workers and visitors. We have a variety of designs for specific purposes, from labeling an area that's in quarantine, to being a reminder to practice safe social distancing, to instructing personnel to don the proper PPE. Our COVID-19 Floor Signs have high visibility, can handle heavy forklift and foot traffic, but are semi-adhesive, allowing for removal that won't leave sticky adhesive on the floor. Additionally, we’re releasing COVID-19 Wall Signs. The different wall sign options serve as reminders to personnel to wash hands, practice safe social distancing, don the proper PPE or to alert personnel of a quarantine area. We'd like to thank all of the healthcare workers, and other essential businesses, staying open to help the nation. We'll be here to continue to assist you in any way possible during this pandemic.


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