All machinery will require maintenance from time to time. From the cars we drive to DVD players, something is bound to need to be replaced at some point in time. For some items, it might be worth it to buy a completely new unit. For others, it could be a new part required here and there. What is great is when you can buy a package of replacement parts for when repair and maintenance will be required. It can save you a great deal of time and money. This is something we kept in mind when we decided to offer a Heat Sealer Repair and Maintenance Kit (item# 30.100.561-RK) for our F108 Heat Sealer model. This kit is great for facilities with maintenance people capable of doing the repairs themselves. It saves the facility the time and money associated with sending in their Heat Sealer for repair. The facility will no longer have to be without a Heat Sealer or request a loaner while theirs is out for repair. However, if a facility does not have a maintenance person capable of doing the repairs, Healthmark will still repair a facility’s Heat Sealer and provide a loaner unit. The Kit Includes: 2 Insulation Strips, 2 Slide Strips, 2 Timing Belts, 3 Timing Belt Pulleys, 1 Tyvek Pressure Roller, 1 USB Drive.


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