Living in Detroit, like any major city, there are many activities one can attend. One such activity is visiting the "The Henry Ford". On one of my recent visits, I was watching a person spinning wool. As they were talking about the process, I asked the question "What does the term 'Dyed in the Wool' mean?" The person politely told me the term or saying comes from understanding how wool is dyed. Those who work with wool know that if you try to dye an item after it is already been spun into cloth, the odds of having a even, colorfast result is very slim. The proper way to dye wool is to color the raw material before it is ever woven. Thus, a person said to be "dyed in the wool" is one who is thoroughly indoctrinated with a belief, who believes in his or her cause through and through, and who leaves no gaps, holes or openings for any change in opinion. All of us have met people "Dyed in the Wool" in our travels. Working in the healthcare field, a "Dyed in the Wool" person could become an obstacle to progress and change. They could be so set in their ways that a process can be halted. We work in a dynamic, ever-changing environment; we must guard ourselves against becoming a "Dyed in a Wool" person when it comes to some of our practices. We need to keep an open mind when it comes to new ideas and processes. As Always "Keep it Clean"!  


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