This week's article is authored by our friend and fellow Michigander, Jamie Crowley, of Midbrook Medical. Hello all, Fall in Michigan means leaves changing, crisp cool days and, this year especially, apple picking. Michigan's apple crop this year is one of the best, most robust of the past 100 years and our state will come in 3rd again this year in apple production behind only Washington and New York. One of my favorite Orchards to visit to pick those apples and drink that fresh cider coming from an authentic old time press is located in southern Michigan just north of the Ohio border in Hillsdale county. Glei's Orchards has been around since 1918. Just because they have been pressing apples into cider for nearly 100 years, does not mean the folks at Glei's aren't looking "out of the box" to make sure their cider remains the freshest, healthiest, best tasting available to the apple cider drinking market. I bought 2 gallon jugs this past Saturday and, as expected, there is nothing like fresh cider this time of year. What caught my eye though is the labeling on the gallon jugs. Glei's stamped their label with a note that said "Treated with UV light to control harmful bacteria." I have included a picture of the label on the jug below. Although, it was a little unexpected, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Here at Midbrook we are starting to develop some real traction with our germicidal light station the UV Flash. I believe a good deal of this new interest is due to the realization that UV light is not a 'smoke and mirrors' dream, but rather a scientifically proven method that should be considered for any facility's Infection Prevention Program. Please take the time to read the article of the study conducted by our friends at Healthmark Industries. Then look at the brochure of our new germicidal light station, the UV Flash Mini. Then think about the myriad of everyday items you touch and handle each day that you wish were bacteria free. From cell phones to notebooks, from name tags to children's toys....the best way to assure bacteria is not spread from one to another is to stop it in its tracks. The UV Flash is a good way to do that in just 60 seconds. Thanks and enjoy the changing seasons,


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