This weekend I watched a football game that had the most snowfall that I have ever seen during any game. If any of you are football fans and caught the Lions vs. Eagles game this Sunday, you know what I'm talking about. It was like watching a white out on the TV screen. When conditions are that bad, you usually see football players wear hand warmers and gloves. Specialty positions, like wide receivers, typically wear gloves with a sticky surface that helps them catch the ball. Like the wide receivers, you will also see linemen wear gloves in most conditions. The gloves they wear have more padding than the specialty position players to protect their hands when striking their opponents. Quarterbacks, however, are different in that they do not want to sacrifice feeling the ball on their throwing hand for comfort. In extreme cold weather conditions you will sometimes see Ben Roethlisberger or Tom Brady wearing gloves, even on their throwing hand. Many of you that have worked in the Sterile Processing Department may be able to relate. Depending on the job you are doing you may have had to use different gloves. Whether it is insulated gloves for removing hot racks from the autoclave or heat deflecting silicone gloves for hot, wet instruments trays from the washer, you have to be prepared for your working conditions. Be sure you are always using the proper attire when working in sterile processing, and that you are following your facility's guidelines.


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