Everyone is generally more active during the summer months. Whether you're into running, bicycling, or even taking a walk it's a great idea to get out and enjoy some kind of physical activity. It provides great physical benefits and for many people that follow a set routine, it improves their overall quality of life. Stretching before exercising will help reduce risk of injury and improve overall performance. Stretching will also help you become more flexible, which could help prevent a muscle pull, or even worse, a tear. It's important to stretch properly and be prepared for activity. Flexibility is also key when cleaning small bore items. Ultra small lumens can have tough to reach areas that require a flexible brush. Having to bend brushes while cleaning can damage them, making them ineffective when cleaning dirty instruments. Brushes like the Flexistem Brushes are effective, efficient and easy because they are disposable. Stay flexible and have a great summer!


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