I was watching football this Sunday and my mind began to wander as I witnessed the Detroit Lions lose another game this week. I started thinking about how much technology has changed in last 10 years. The picture quality alone on my TV is significantly better than my old one from just a fews years back. Then, I started thinking about everything I use on a daily basis. Computers, internet, mp3 players, cameras, phones they have all changed and impacted on the way we live. These innovations have affected our personal and professional lives. In the CS, computers and innovations have become common in workplace. It's actually truly amazing when you think about it. Many years ago, fiber optic technology was used in cameras sent to the moon. Now, fiberscope cameras are used to inspect everyday instruments to ensure proper reprocessing in health care facilities. I can only imagine what we will be using 10 years from now. I feel pretty confident that in the future, while watching football on TV, the only thing that will be the same is the Lions' performance.


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