Storage conditions and material handling contribute to tears, damage and contamination of sterile packages. All too often the wire shelving rips and tears sterile wrapped medical packaging as materials and instruments are pulled, packed, and organized onto carts for specific scheduled operations. This is mostly caused by burrs and bumps found on the wire shelving. Once the sterile barrier is broken, the entire set must be reprocessed, adding additional expense and time. Healthmark offers a cost saving solution to the problem with a special promotion! Our TEARGUARD Shelf Liners provides a solid plastic barrier from the sharp edges and bumps of wire shelving. Designed with raised ribs to promote good air circulation, these shelf liners are manufactured of tough polyethylene plastic that can be easily cleaned with common cleaning solutions and are cart washer safe (maximum temperature 180°F). TEARGUARD is also ideal for preventing small items from falling through shelves. Preventing and reducing tearing and ripping of packaged items saves both staff time and money, by helping to reduce the need for rework. We all want to save time and money, so check out the deal we have for you on our TEARGUARD product line.


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