This week, many of us will meet up with family and friends to gather together and give thanks for all that we have. Some of us will travel back home to meet up with some old friends or see family members we have not seen for a long time. We will talk about old times and be thankful for them and hope for continued good times in the future. Working in the Healthcare Industry, many times I had to work on Thanksgiving and missed the "main meal", but, when I got home, no mater the time, I was always thankful that I made it home and a warm plate of food was waiting for me. To those healthcare providers who have to work on Thanksgiving, no matter the shift, thank you for making the sacrifice to put the patient first and I hope you have a warm plate of food waiting for you when you get home. Healthmark Industries wants to wish every body safe travels no matter the distance and wish every body a Happy Thanksgiving; enjoy this special time with your family and friends..


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