It is funny sometimes the things we find ourselves thankful for. Some of these things seem so trivial. Others are so vital, that we realize we do not express thanks for often enough. So this week I have an example of both. Two weeks ago, I switched my mobile phone service to something called "Project Fi." I will not go into detail (for I would put you, gentle reader, to sleep) as to why, other than to say it seemed like a pretty good deal. Unfortunately, in this transition, the one thing that did not happen was that my primary mobile phone number did not transfer! In fact, it was lost! So for the better part of 13 days, I wrestled with Support services to get this number back and active on my mobile. Anyone calling or texting me was met with silence. I tried to alert people, but, of course, with something like a mobile number, I could not possibly reach all that might try to reach me that way (if you happen to be one of those people - my apologies!). In the grand scheme of things, such an event is a trivial annoyance. What I am thankful for today is that my number has finally ported over and all is as it should be! So here is the expression of thanks that is way more significant and not expressed enough. Thank you from Healthmark to all who have helped us be the company we are today. Thank you to our amazing employees who represent Healthmark so well each and every day. It is an amazing team, with each individual at our company taking ownership of what they do and doing it with the knowledge and passion that doing their job right is key to serving our customers. Thank you to all of our vendors that we work with every day to deliver the quality products and service to our customers. Thank you to other stakeholders, including industry groups, trade publications, regulators, and finally, most importantly, our family members who support each of us to deliver to our customers the best products and service we can. Finally, and most importantly, thank you to our customers! It is the thought of meeting your expectation for our products and services that motivates us to do the best we can each and everyday. Thank you! May each of you have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Day with family and friends!


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