It's February 14th and you know what that means. It's Valentine's Day! Well, actually it's named Saint Valentine's Day, but most people refer to the day as Valentine's Day. It's even been referred to as "The Feast of Saint Valentine". It was originally a day to celebrate Saint Valentinus, who performed weddings for soldiers who were not allowed to marry. During Valentine's Day, hearts are universally the most recognized symbol. Most of our gifts include them on cards and candy. Many people wear red in honor of Valentine's Day or wear something with a heart on it. Each year, there are over two billion conversation hearts produced. Everyone knows the little candy hearts that read "be mine", "kiss me", etc. I want to celebrate this week by also recognizing the CSSD, often referred to as the "Heart of the Hospital". In honor of their hard work that delivers clean and sterile instruments for patient care day in and day out, we at Healthmark would like to offer everyone a free gift of your very own, "Heart of the Hospital" PPE Decals. Click on the coupon section below to request your free gift.


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