Last week we talked about helping each other and making a difference in the Healthmarket Digest. Here is one of the stories about a Healthcare professional making a difference: When Johntay Macklin, CRCST, CSPDT, CHL isn't working as Resource Coordinator for Spine, Joint and Nuero in Central Sterile Supply at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL, he is busy planning his next mission trip. This November, Johntay will travel to Vietnam to share his healthcare and Sterile Processing expertise where it is greatly needed. Each year, Operation Walk/Chicago, the organization which hosts the excursion selects a Healthcare team (comprised of surgeons, nurses and techs) to join the mission. Their purpose is to travel to parts of the world where they can perform orthopedic surgeries on those patients who would otherwise not be able to receive these procedures. Prior to going, a resource team travels to the destination to determine how many surgeries will be performed, the amount of staff they will invite and what supplies and other resources are needed. This is the fourth time that Johntay has been selected to participate with Operation Walk. Johntay says, "The most rewarding part of the trip is to see the patient's faces when they get up and walk for the first time after years of being unable to do so." Unlike modern hospitals in the United States many of the facilities that Johntay visits lack the equipment and supplies. "The sterilizers can be really old and most of the cleaning and decontamination are done manually. Everyone chips in and does whatever is needed to get the job done." Johntay, we wish you a safe and rewarding trip. Thank you for sharing your skills and vacation time on such a valuable endeavor. Bonnets off to you!    


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