Last weekend, I attended my 30 year class reunion. I earned my BA at Kalamazoo College, a small Midwestern liberal arts college. Thirty years ago, the thought of attending a 30-year reunion seemed impossible. Back then, I do remember thinking every Homecoming weekend that the alumni invading our campus were old and in the way. They meandered about aimlessly, and spent a lot of time describing how things used to be. Worse yet, they clogged up the lines in the cafeteria, delaying our meals and taking the good stuff. Thirty years later, I was struck by how much we are the same. Yes, somewhat grayer, somewhat wider and definitely slower, our time together felt like not a day had gone by. Of course, each of us has changed inside and out, but somehow together, without trying, the dynamics and energy of the group felt the same. What can I say, it was fun getting together with my classmates. I am already looking forward to doing it again in 5 years. Speaking of get-togethers, as you read this, we are at the autumnal session of the AAMI Sterilization Standards meetings. There are always big issues on the docket, but this Fall seems to have more than its share, as new work groups kick-off on endoscope reprocessing and human factors in reprocessing. Also proposed is a work group on loaners - another big issue to be sure.


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