It's been awhile since I have experienced as much humidity as we had last weekend. During some periods of the day there wasn't any wind, so it seemed even hotter. I decided to take a bicycle ride in the morning to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise as well. Preparing myself for the elements, I brought plenty of water and wore breathable fabric to keep cool. The great thing is that you can get the fabric wet and it will keep you cool and comfortable. Let's face it, we are heading into the warmest time of the year and it can get hot in your department. You are always on your feet with proper PPE that can make you feel uncomfortable for a long period of time. There are few better ways to beat the heat within the SPD than the Single-Use Cooling Vest. When used with the reusable Cool Pax, the Single-Use Cooling Vest is designed to keep your body at a comfortable temperature while on your feet for extended periods of time. When you're wearing Cool Aids under your PPE, you'll feel more comfortable because the lightweight and durable fabric is designed for the active individual.


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