Less than a week after being sworn in as President of IAHCSMM on May 15th, David Jagrosse fired up the Michigan Sterile Processing Professionals at their annual meeting. Dave fired up the crowd with his passion for the profession. Stressing how we have to work together with all of our customers to provide the best care possible. Another topic Dave stressed is the importance of certification. The Michigan society was celebrating their 38th year as a professional group at this meeting. What is so unique about this is that Dave was a member of ASHCSP and Michigan was a chapter of ASHCSP. This was Dave's first official speech as the new president of IAHCSMM so our chapter was really honored this was Dave's first appearance as President. What also made this a unique experience is that Penny Sabrosky was the president of ASHCSP when the merger took place. She is now president of the Michigan group and was instrumental in getting Dave to speak. This meeting showed how our profession has changed by the merger that took place in 2007 between ASHCSP and IAHCSMM. Now, former members of ASHCSP are part of IAHCSMM and we're all working together in one professional group. Dave, we know you will represent our profession well as you spread the word about the important role Sterile Processing plays in providing quality patient care. Below you will see a picture of Dave with many of the attendees from the meeting holding up two signs. One is saying "We make a difference" and the other is "We are the Heart of the Hospital".


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