Join Seth Hendee, Healthmark’s Clinical Education Coordinator, on Thursday, September 5th, for his “Introduction to Water Quality” webinar hosted by Becker’s Healthcare. This webinar is an introduction for any healthcare professional to increase their knowledge about water and its uses in medical facilities especially in a medical device reprocessing department. Water quality, especially poor water quality, can have a negative impact on any process and can lead to poor patient outcomes. This is a one hour webinar that will help the attendees understand the who, what, where, when and why the quality of water used in a medical facility is important. Learning points: Define and understand the role water plays in a medical facility with an emphasis on medical device reprocessing. Review 3 major factors that impact water quality: Hardness, Temperature, pH Review the standards, guidelines and IFU that prescribe the quality of water you must use in the cleaning process: AAMI, AST, AORN, EPA, FDA, OEM IFU Understand how poor water can contribute to poor outcomes in patient care. Registration information is in the coupon below. Once you attend the webinar and take the quiz you will receive one free CEU!


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