I have found that when living with other people, it can become a challenge to determine whether a dishwasher full of dishes has already been ran through a cleaning cycle or if they are still dirty. In some cases, it's fairly obvious, but when the dishes have been rinsed well, you must look closely to determine if they've already been cleaned. We should have come up with a communication tool, like a sign or a tag, to let each other know if the items were clean or dirty. When transporting surgical instruments around in a healthcare setting, you can never communicate enough. The Transportation Identification Tag was invented for this purpose. It features; one perforated tab, a green top tab with "CLEAN" in black text, a fluorescent orange/red bottom tab with "DIRTY" in black text, and the removable OSHA approved "Biohazard Label" adhesive backing. The Transportation Identification Tag is produced precisely for transporting materials considered a biohazard, while acting as an essential communication tool in the process. By labeling a cart or container "biohazard" upon its return to the sterile processing department, the Transportation Identification Label assists in supplying information to the OR/Procedure Room. Furthermore it has a check list for the surgical/procedure room/sterile processing team to ensure adequate delivery of the case cart or container in question. Identification is made easy with this new innovative label!


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