Personally, I often second guess when leaving the house that I locked all of the doors. How many times have you driven to the end of your subdivision and asked yourself, did I close the garage door? Sometimes, I turn around to check, just so I can have peace of mind. Are the dishes clean in the dishwasher or is it a full load that needs to be cleaned? Closer inspection will usually give me the answer, but just to be sure I will sometimes wash them again. Taking extra precautions are helpful in order to maintain quality assurance. I'm sure when working with several different containers, items can be difficult to track and identify. Using products like tamper-evident container locks can help SPD professionals take the guess work out of the status of items in a sealed container. These seals can easily be broken by hand, so you will always be sure if the container has been opened or not after the sterilization process. Locks available in different colors and optional indicators will help to identify contents inside each container and whether it has been through a sterilization process. Using tamper-evident products, like container locks, will help keep you from second guessing the items inside.


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