Looking back In the month of October, there are many important things that we recognize or celebrate, National Breast Cancer Awareness, Sterile Processing Week and of course the announcement of the winner of the Annual "SEVY" award given at Advocate Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois. Several years ago the local V. Mueller instrument sales rep proposed to Yves Theodule, CS Manager that an award be given to an exceptional sterile processing technician in his department. The rep called it the SEVY award (Yves, spelled backwards). It stood for Service, Excellence, Value and You! The award would be given during Sterile Processing Week. Last year I was lucky enough to catch the story and report it to the Healthmark Digest, so it only seemed fitting to drop in on Christ Hospital to learn the identity of this year's recipient. On Wednesday morning a breakfast was hosted for the Sterile Processing staff. The technicians as well as the following members of Leadership team were in attendance: Mike Wilkens, Chief Operating Officer Cindy Mahal-van Brenk, VP of Surgical Services Alex Andrede, VP Advocate Operating System Katie Stalter, Director of Surgical Services Everyone enjoyed the scrambled eggs, a friendly game of Sterile Processing Jeopardy and finally the most important part of the morning, the SEVY award announcement. John Colburn, Sales Consultant for V. Mueller/Carefusion was there to present the award and the local Healthmark Rep, Larry Wenderski, was there to congratulate the winner. And the winner is.......drum roll........ Glenda Craig, a 25 year veteran of the sterile processing field. To say Glenda was surprised was an understatement. There wasn't a dry eye in the place when Glenda received her award. This made it very clear to me that all her colleagues truly were happy to recognize this outstanding individual. Yves expressed his appreciation for Glenda's work ethic and contributions to their team. He told the group that he respects her individual style and approach to delivering positive patient care. After the hugging and picture taking slowed down, I had a chance to spend a few minutes with Glenda to learn more about her. "I've always known that I was important, what I do is important, and I have a professional outlook on my work." She told me. "Every patient and team member is worth it and I will go to bat for my co-workers and the extra mile for the patient. I have made this job my career." We are glad you did, Glenda. Congratulations!


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