As the holidays come to a close, the dreaded part of repacking all the Christmas decorations begins. I always try to find a new and better way to organize the decorations, as to make it easy to take them out again in another 11 months. One of my biggest issues is the Christmas lights, and like Clark W. Griswold, I had yet to figure out a way to prevent these from getting tangled and knotted. Until this year! As I carefully coiled the lights and extension cords, I thought that it would be helpful if I had something that would hold these together and keep them from straying. I decided to try some of Healthmark's silicone cable and instrument ties. These single-use and heat-resistant cable and instrument ties are designed to secure a multitude of medical devices and can be used during procedures by keeping stray cords from interfering. Simply wrap the instruments or cords and pull the end through the locking mechanism or tie securely for desired tightness. The variety of lengths and colors helps to organize and color code. Problem solved! Now, where to put the Santa and reindeer...


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