June 14th is National Time Out Day and I wanted to take the time during this week's digest article to draw awareness to the surgical "time out". After all, it's an important practice that helps ensure a successful and safe surgical outcome. We all know that the surgical "time out' is a universal protocol that is performed in the operating room, immediately before the planned procedure is initiated. It helps prevention of wrong site, wrong procedure, and wrong person surgery. These steps require the highest level of communication to take place within the staff. How you communicate may lead to ultimate success or failure depending on how you plan. Products that alert staff to take a critical pause during surgery preparation help ensure these steps are taking place, especially when feeling rushed. Products like medical grade paper bags with "Time Out" printed on them help provide such communication. Other products like signs and labels are also useful to keep constant reminders around at all times. Whatever method you and your staff use, remember that safety is first and taking the time out to look over your procedures will help in the overall success for you and your patients.


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