Whether you're at the gym or on your feet at work all day, it's important to be comfortable and properly supported. When selecting Personal Protection Equipment, healthcare staff are often protected from bio-hazardous material, but what about support to prevent personal injury? Adjustable back braces are designed to provide lower-back support for healthcare professionals on the move. Our Adjustable Back Brace with Thermo-Pad helps relieve discomfort by stabilizing the sacrum and lower spine. Manufactured from a mixture of polyester, nylon and spandex, the back brace is equipped with a removable Thermo Pad that retains body heat in order to provide warmth for aching muscles, joints, tendons and discs. Other than support, we all know that PPE should properly protect you as well. AORN guidelines state that arms must be covered when preparing and packaging sterile items in the clean assembly area of sterile processing, which is why we've developed the arm sleeves for healthcare professionals working within the sterilization department. Designed as an alternative to the traditional long-sleeved scrub top or jacket, the machine washable arm sleeves are one-size that fits a bicep of 10-14 inches and are made from a fast-drying and moisture-wicking polyester material, featuring an elastic gripper to prevent the sleeve from sliding down the user's arm.


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