Have you ever noticed that some individuals are always cold? Even in the summer time they always carry a sweater with them. In contrast, there are those that go outside in a blizzard and feel as if they stepped into a cool tropical breeze. Sometimes this leads to an epic battle over the thermostat. Every person is different based on body composition and chemistry. However, a human's internal body temperature is sensitive to temperature change just by a few degrees. This is why we may reach for a cool compress when we develop a fever or shiver when we are too cold. Not only is temperature regulation important to living beings, like humans, but non-living matter as well. This includes enzymes. Enzymes are substances that speed up chemical reactions. They are a key component to enzymatic detergents used in Ultrasonic Cleaners. Enzymes work best usually between the temperatures of 100°F and 125°F. This is because an increase in heat means an increase in kinetic energy. An increase in energy means an increase in the rate of reaction. However if the temperature is too hot then it affects the structure of the enzyme making it ineffective. TempaChek-LC™ is an efficient way to monitor the temperature during the ultrasonic cleaning process. TempaChek-LC™ is a liquid crystal thermometer with an adhesive back. It is immersed into the bath, and mounted on the side below the water line. It will present the temperature of the bath during that time. The temperature provided by TempaChek-LC™ can be compared to temperature recommended by the detergent manufacturer to determine if the bath is within the optimal range for maximum cleaning performance. Even non enzymatic detergents have an optimal temperature range. Then take it off and reuse it. It's an inexpensive way to ensure the effectiveness of the ultrasonic cleaning process. When it comes to your detergents keep in mind the Goldilocks Principle: not too hot, not too cold, but just right!


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