You may have noticed that I relate many things in life to sports. I grew up playing almost every sport at one time or another, so it's no surprise that I'm still very much a fan of our Detroit teams. Yesterday, I was watching the Tigers vs. the Yankees and it featured a great matchup of pitching. The Tigers' Justin Verlander was up against the Yankees' C.C. Sabathia. Verlander had pitched a pretty effective game with the exception of one pitch that resulted in a home run. It's amazing how precise you have to be at the major league level in order to be successful pitcher. If you're off by an half an inch, a few mph it can be the difference of a home run or a strikeout. A small margin of error that is the difference between success or failure can be interpreted in many aspects of our daily lives. In terms of cleaning verification, its surrounds you everywhere in sterile processing. Just think about the washer for surgical instruments as an example. If the water pressure is not producing the proper speed or if the water temperature is slightly off, this could result in the instruments not being clean. Success and failure often comes down to the small things we do in our everyday lives. Be sure to have a process in place to routinely test your departments reprocessing equipment.


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