Labor Day weekend is coming up and many of us will be taking advantage of the long weekend and taking a road trip somewhere. For Michiganders, it's time to take a three or four hour drive “up north” to the summer cottage out in the woods or on a lake, and enjoy a peaceful getaway out in nature. Before jumping in the car and heading off down the highway, it's important to make a checklist for your own safety. Here are some ideas to get you started: • Change the engine oil of your car. • Check the fluids of your car. • Check air pressure of your car. • Check the tire wear by using tread gauge. • Check the car's air filter. • Make sure all car lights and signals are working. • Check battery in your car. Completing a proper vehicle safety check will help reduce the chances of encountering problems when traveling on the road. When reprocessing surgical instruments, proper safety checks must be made for the cleaning equipment. Cleaning verification testing will help ensure you’re cleaning with the proper temperature, water quality and that your reprocessing environment is performing on a consistent level. Whether it’s a trip up north or a trip from the SPD to the OR, make sure your safety checklist is complete before starting your journey! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


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