We all have customers, or at least I think we do. We (Healthmark) have many different types, CSSD, OR, Materials Management, Infection Control, Device Manufacturers, just to name a few. I know when I worked as a CSSD Manager "back in the day" my list was long, in fact, it was almost every department in the facility, plus all my vendors and staff. I knew one thing, I had to listen to them for feedback both good and bad. By listening to them, I found out what they wanted and needed. Then I tried to deliver my services, products or solutions that meet those needs. The reason I bring this up is that Healthmark introduced a product some time ago called the CartWashCheck™. The product is to help our customers verify that their cart washer is meeting certain parameters. We felt we had a great new product that CSSD could use to monitor their process. In fact, it has been well received. So well received that we had experienced a back order on the product. During that back order process, many of our customers shared with us their thoughts on the CartwashCheck™. The back order made us look at the product and "fine tune it". In fact here is a comment from one of our customers concerning the CartWashCheck™. "When I first purchased the cartwasher check I was really disappointed in the product. I made several calls to Healthmark and they were more than willing to listen to my concerns. I was so pleased when I saw the new product, and I just wanted to say I love the new cartwasher check! Much easier to see and know what temp. has been reached. Great job. Thank you so much for really listening and following through!" Listening to your customer might sound very basic but, sometimes the basic is what we need to do. As Always "Keep it Clean"!


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