I am the newest addition to Healthmark and I'm thankful to say so. My background in journalism and design is far off from the healthcare industry, but I am looking forward to becoming familiar with Healthmark and its people, products and services. Throughout my first week here at Healthmark, I've been given opportunities to learn the foundation of each of those aspects. As a newbie to the company, I can honestly say that they are dedicated to remaining a high quality, dependable business, dedicated to the satisfaction of its customers. I've gained plenty of knowledge within one week, which will only further develop from here on out. I am anxious to become as knowledgeable about the company's mission and responsibilities as the rest of the employees. As Healthmark's policy indicates, it is "supported by a staff committed to individual accountability, professionalism, mutual respect, collaboration and service excellence." This has proven true in my experience, and I'm grateful to be a part of this learning process which will eventually make me just as much of an asset to the Healthmark team.


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