The majority of us have had to deal with loaners of some type whether it be beds, pumps or surgical instruments. Regardless of the item, it requires extra time and work on everybody's part. Sometimes it is not just extra time is needed but also extra supplies. One area that seems to require extra supplies is orthopedic loaner instruments. It could be different check sheets, special tags to place on the trays, or heavier wrap for protection. Regardless of the reasons, we end up doing something special for orthopedic loaner trays. One of the issues I am asked to address is the weight of the trays. The standards and guidelines are now stating that trays need to be 25 pounds or less and that is including everything. Even with the weight of the tray going to 25 pounds, it still seems that facilities are still having issues with tearing. The unfortunate part is that the tearing issue can cause finger pointing between users. What I try to remind people is that it is the process more than anything else. If they objectively look at the process, the issues can be reduced. So, if you have any issues with your trays and tearing please be objective and look at the process with your business partners when you try to solve this problem.


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