This week's headlines had a decidedly "medical device" orientation. For those of us that derive our livelihood from the healthcare industry, it is good news to learn that medical device manufacturers are a bright spot in an otherwise bleak economic landscape. Innovation, commitment to quality and to patient care are hallmarks of the American Medical Device Industry. Medical device companies, the good ones, work to partner closely with healthcare providers to deliver the best possible solutions to health care challenges. The success of the industry is testament that the vast majority of companies do just that. Of course there are always bad apples, or at least the unintended error. Changes at the FDA's CDRH are likely bell weather of increasing Federal oversight of industry practices. Clinicians' should always remember they have an outlet if they are displeased with the performance of their medical device partners - the reporting system of CDRH. This mechanism is there to help all of us deliver better care to patients.


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