Technology is an awesome thing. It gives us the ability to connect with each other, regardless of where we are in the world. Whenever we’re in need of an answer, all we have to do is “Google it” and we’re pointed in the right direction. We can even purchase, and have delivered, practically anything on the internet, all from a device we hold in our hands: a cell phone. And this device comes with us practically everywhere. We wake up with our phones, use our phones constantly throughout the day, and fall asleep with our phones next to us. But while we carry our phones, what do our phones carry? The answer: a whole lot of germs. A study done in 2017 found that high school students’ cell phones carried 17,032 bacterial gene copies. To put that in perspective, that’s more than toilet seats, kitchen countertops, an animal’s food bowl, store self-touch checkout screens and door knobs. (Mashable put together a quick video of the numbers per each item on the list; you can check it out here.) So, how do we mitigate the chance our phones become contaminated? Of course, there are ways to disinfect a phone. But some techniques can actually cause damage to the phone. Alcohol, bleach and chlorine can be too harsh and ruin the phone screen. Additionally, you run the risk of getting moisture into the phone, which also can cause permanent damage. And while disinfecting wipes should do a decent job, there is always another option: covering the phone all together. Using a disposable phone cover protects the device from outside contamination. Certain phone covers still allow for use of the phone, not preventing or hindering the touch screen accessibility. Healthmark offers such disposable phone covers. Additionally, our phone covers help prevent moisture from getting to the device, and are easy to secure over the phone through zip-lock sealing. The phone covers come in a variety of sizes, and we also offer disposable tablet covers, as well as disposable keyboard covers, all of which will help protect your devices, and you.


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