For the past few weeks it seems like all anyone in my family has been doing is moving. My older sister and her fiancé bought a house, my little sister is moving into an apartment at college, and I am moving back home. The three of us have accumulated quite the collection of clothes, books, and housewares, which requires a lot of boxes and several moving trips. Unfortunately for my parents, this means their basement has turned into our own personal storage facility. Sorting through all of the boxes and ensuring everyone ends up with all of their own items proved to be quite a challenge. We quickly learned we needed a method for the moving madness. We decided to reopen all the boxes and sort the items by which room they belong to. Boxes labeled "Kristina's stuff" turned into "Kristina's kitchen utensils and silverware." We then organized the boxes so we each had one area of the basement. It's amazing how a little labeling and organization can simplify some of the most daunting tasks! Luckily, you can use almost any writing instrument on cardboard boxes, but that is not the case for sterilization packaging. Luckily, Healthmark's Sterimarkers have special ink that dries immediately, is waterproof, light proof, heat-resistant, acid-resistant, and can withstand steam, EO, and gas- plasma sterilization. Hopefully your SPD department does not turn into your facility's personal storage facility, but if it does - you'll be ready to clearly label everything with your Sterimarkers!


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