Sterile Processing Department's primary goals are to provide their customer with what they want when they want it and complete it on time. There are many different ways to achieve these goals. I have found from my personal experience that success is defined by 5W's that I used to manage every situation. The W's stand for "What, Where, Why, When and Who". By addressing the following questions, I can be sure to stay on track for success: What: What Information do you need for me to meet your needs? Where: Where is the location of the need? Why: What is the necessity and what assistance is needed? When: What is the timetable I have to work with to meet the needs? Who: Who is the patient or customer? By applying these 5W's, my department meets our customers' needs with a good understanding of how this can help or impact needs or projects. If you have any helpful hints let Healthmark know and they will gladly share them with our peers through the Healthmark Digest like I have. "Why reinvent the wheel" as they say?Sharing our ideas is how we all improve.


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