The holiday season is coming to an end and it's about that time where we look to the year ahead. Many of us will make New Year's resolutions and few of us will end up keeping them. I have rarely ever made a resolution in the past and I have yet to follow through with one. New Year's isn't just a great time of year to set personal goals, but to make professional goals as well. With that said, here are some ideas that will keep you fulfilled personally and professionally in 2016: Learn something new - You always can learn a new skill, and depending how you choose to learn it, you could add a new dimension of interest to your life. Set realistic goals - Whether it's professionally or personally, be sure the goals you set are realistic and not some pipe dream. While reachable goals can be fulfilling, unreachable objectives will leave you frustrated. Join a business organization or networking group - A great way to learn new ideas or build off your own is to meet and talk to people in your industry. If something doesn't work fix it - Many of us have experienced processes that take too long or just don't make sense. Take a look at your department and see how it can run more efficiently. This will not only benefit you, but your co-workers will thank you as well Give back to your community - There are many organizations in your community that you can get involved in to make a difference. Find a cause that matters most to you and make this a year that you serve on a committee, be a mentor, volunteer or simply make a donation if you can. Whatever your resolution is this year, I hope you stay committed and are able to reach your goals. Either way, all of us at Healthmark wish you health, joy and happiness for 2016. Happy New Year!


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