Now that summer is coming to an end I like to reflect on the last 3 months and think about what I have done and what I wish I was able to do. I saw an old Challenger this morning and it reminded me that I missed this years Woodward Dream Cruise. Every third weekend of August the Motor City celebrates the Woodward Dream Cruise. It is recognized as the largest one day car event in the world. If you're a car enthusiast, its definitely something to check out. You will see all kinds of classic, antique and custom cars from all over the country. I'm not exactly the biggest fan of cars, but even I could appreciate the the time and effort some of these people put into their cars. Many of these car owners have so many customizations and unique paint jobs; they always leave a lasting impression. You don't need a hot rod or classic car to leave a lasting impression in your department. Creating custom made labels are not only unique looking, but help you communicate your message effectively.


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