Just like a screwdriver or a ratchet set, borescopes aren’t a one size fits all tool. Smaller lumens often require a smaller optical inspection tool in order to see inside of internal channels. Recently, the latest Flexible Inspection Scope was released, the FIS-006SK. It’s designed to inspect internal channels of 1.3mm in diameter or larger, the ideal tool to visually inspect potentially soiled or damaged items. This Flexible Inspection Scope is 1.18mm in diameter, equipped with a distal tip composed of a light source and camera lens at the end of a 110cm black graduated shaft that connects to the included control box, which allows for image capture and recording. The FIS-006SK provides light, vision, magnification and the ability to document in hard-to-see crevices and lumens not visible to the unaided eye. The software is included, which installs on Windows 7, 8 & 10 PC’s.


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