Practicality Meets Convenience : We have two wonderful teenagers who do as they're asked everyday...are you done laughing yet? Ok I'm lying. They are typical kids who sometimes don't follow through on their chores. In our house one of those chores is washing the dishes after dinner. They rotate who does hand washing (dishes that can't go in the dish washer) and dish washing (items for the washer). Sound familiar? This same issue is true for surgical devices. We all know which is the least favorite...yup, hand washing. I try to remind them between moans and groans if they cleaned the dishes immediately before the food dried. The job would be much easier. Again sound familiar? But as can often be the case it's not practical or in the case of my beloved daughters, they blow it off. In the end they soak the dishes to try and re-hydrate the debris, an imperfect, time consuming and often ineffective process. Maybe there's a better way? Ah for the dishes ... I'm not so sure but for instruments I am! Of course the best way is to immediately rinse off the debris. However if this isn't an option then finding a way to keep it just as moist as when the case is finished would be awesome. Healthmark is very pleased to introduce a product that can do exactly this - Humipak. Please click on the link below and watch a short video...the scene at the end with the acetabular reamer is priceless. Don't believe it? Order a free sample with the coupon link. Click here to watch the HumiPak video


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