Like many others this past weekend, I decided to entertain friends and family for a Labor Day BBQ. I have always thought how funny it is that we spend so much time cleaning our homes preparing for guests only to have to clean it again after they leave. However, it does bring a certain satisfaction knowing that everything is thoroughly cleaned and perhaps it even helps that it was pre-cleaned when picking up after my guests leave. So this weekend I broke out all of the cleaning supplies to properly clean the floors, countertops and other surfaces. I have accumulated different cleaning products for different needs, much like one does for surgical instruments and equipment. Endoscopes for an example, may require a pre-cleaning with a lint-free wipe before being reprocessed. Because of the tubular design, you may decide that using a tubular sponge might be more effective. When cleaning specialty instruments remember to reference the IFU for cleaning instructions and that you are always prepared with the right supplies when manually cleaning.


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