Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to start early on the annual spring yard cleanup. I’ve learned during these unique times of social distancing, that I’m being more proactive with work around the house. After a long winter, finding certain tools can be a challenge. Rather than having everything that I would need in one location, like the garage, items can be found in numerous areas around the house, such as the basement, utility room, junk drawer, etc. So this weekend became a treasure hunt, but due to the fact that I couldn’t really go anywhere anyway, it was time well spent. Understandably, time isn’t a luxury Sterile Processing Departments can afford. Misplaced or mislabeled trays can cause many issues in locating certain assets. Using color coding and labels helps keep instrument sets and equipment from being lost. They are useful for keeping track of multi-layer loaner sets. They are also ideal for barcode labels and tracking systems.


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