I hope you all had a nice Super Bowl weekend and enjoyed the game. Maybe you even had a chance to gather with friends and family for a party, which is always fun no matter which team wins. The only downside is that these gatherings occur during the same season when most people have been sick or have been exposed to germs of people who are sick. I know I have mentioned in a previous issue about personal protection and certain equipment that can protect you depending on the job you are performing. Sometimes that is not good enough in healthcare facilities and you could be exposed to germs by sharing a computer keyboard or even from your own mobile device. According to Healthcare Facilities Today, they can be a major source of germ transmission. Microfiber cloths and disinfectants will help keep electronic devices germ free. Protective covers on your phone, tablets and keyboards will also help you decrease the amount of germs that are transmitted. Be sure that you protect the equipment so that you will stay safe and healthy through this winter season.


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