On October 30th, Joan Spear met with the AKI group who publishes the Red Book and accepted their invitation to become the AKI Ambassador for the US and Canada. AKI was founded in 1976 by a group of experts from the chemical and medical engineering industry who collect and collate information on correct preparation and handling of surgical instruments. This group is based in Germany and has achieved international recognition as experts. The Red Book/Brochure is now available in 17 languages and referenced on a global basis. In addition to the Red Book/Brochure, AKI publishes a Yellow Book/Brochure for dental practices, and a Green Book/Brochure for veterinary practices. All are valuable resources and based on practices in Europe where regulation determines practice. One goal is to ensure global relevance for the instrument processing community. Joan needs your help in identifying new instrument issues and has presentations on diagnosing instrument diseases as well as instrument care based on AAMI and AORN Guidelines. Send your questions or requests to joan.spear@comcast.net.


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