Spring forward symbolizes sunny weather that is around the corner and daylight extending longer in the evening. It is also when we lose an hour over the weekend causing us to adjust to the time change with our body clocks. Every year I wonder why we go through this practice, so I looked it up this year to find out more about the history of Daylight Saving Time. What I learned is that Daylight Saving Time was created to conserve energy and make better usage of the day light. It was first instituted by Canada in 1908. Originally called, "Fast Time" it was introduced to the United States in 1918 when President Woodrow Wilson signed it into law to support the World War I effort. It was later repealed, but continued to be used by some cities until President Franklin D. Roosevelt instituted year-round DST in the United States in 1942. There has been a lot of controversy revolving around Daylight Saving Time and if it should be repealed permanently. Only time will tell what the future holds for DST and if we will continue to use it. Daylight Saving Time really does not save daylight, of course. But Healthmark has a product that can "slow time down" if needed due to delayed reprocessing. That's right, click on the coupon below and we will give you a free sample of our Humipak®. It consists of a layer of highly absorbent material sandwiched between two layers of waterproof film. In order to use, simply place individual instruments, or an entire instrument tray inside the Humipak®, add the specified amount of water to the absorbent layer, and seal with the peel away adhesive strip. This creates a water tight, moist atmosphere that will prevent organics from drying over an extended period of time. Further, the transparent film allows observation of the contents and a list of contents/instructions can be written directly on the film. Testing has demonstrated that items will remain moist for up to 3 days, depending upon the type of instruments, and the exact composition of the residue. Humipaks® are available in four sizes - full tray and half tray dimensions. Humipaks® keep instruments moist for effective cleaning solutions.


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