It's the most wonderful time of the year! Time for family and friends, tree trimming and lights, and of course, visits with Santa. Last weekend I took my two young children to the mall for a visit with Santa. They were both filled with excitement as my 3 year old rattled off her list to Santa and even provided details of what she thinks her little brother would like. He listened patiently, and then held them both for the classic photo with Santa. The following day, "Santa" came to a family Christmas party to pass out gifts to all the kids. My dear cousin did his best Santa ho-ho-ho, but still did not manage to fool my daughter. When speaking to her later that night about all the excitement, she stated, "that boy dressed up like Santa." Much to my surprise she was able to spot the flaws in this fraudulent Santa. I quickly explained that it was one of Santa's helpers. She seems to believe me. Whew.


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