Somehow it's already mid-December. Many of you may have already started decorating for the holidays or even watched your favorite Christmas movie. Two of my favorite Christmas movies are Christmas Vacation and Scrooged; you can never go wrong with Bill Murray. December is also a popular month for home burglaries and theft. Many families leave home during the holidays for vacations or to visit relatives, and winter storms make it obvious who isn’t home due to their driveways not being plowed. It's always a good idea to put security measures in place like cameras and alarms. Also, if you have valuables in your home, you may want to invest in a safe in order to keep them secure. Like home valuables, a variety of healthcare equipment also needs to be secure to ensure any tampering has not occurred in crash carts, emergency boxes, cabinets, and other areas. For these items, its critical to use proper tamper evident seals to ensure they have not been opened. Be safe this holiday season and for all of 2020!


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