Have you ever had to reopen something that has been sealed because you couldn't remember what was inside? Or have something wrapped, only to forget to label the item for who it was for? Or sometimes you know exactly what is inside, but it needs to be labeled for other people who wouldn't know. Sometimes secured or locked items can become safety concerns because they aren't properly labeled. One of the new trends in healthcare is not only securing items, but also using securing products to indicate whether the contents inside are "clean" or "dirty" and should be treated as biohazardous materials. This has been effectively used in endoscopy, especially when transporting flexible endoscopes between uses. Lockable trays allow you to create a controlled delivery and retrieval system for endoscopes with tamper evident seals. Not only is each tray secured with a tamper evident seal, but anyone handling the items clearly knows if the contents inside have already been reprocessed or if they are dirty.


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