While visiting an account today, I was trying to find a part number in the Healthmark catalog, but having a difficult time seeing the numbers. Yes, I am in denial about needing reading glasses. A few years ago, my optometrist said I was dipping my toes in the bifocal lake. My distance vision has improved, thank you LASIK, but my close vision will have me up to my waist in the reading glasses lake. I need to get the tools (reading glasses) so I can do my job properly. SPD professionals also need good magnification to do their job properly. For this purpose, Healthmark offers many products to assist in seeing those difficult to see areas. We have simple handheld, desk, and arm magnifiers for everyday inspection. I may even use that desk magnifier in my own office when it is not being demonstrated. There is also our MICR007 that connects to a computer, provides magnification from 5x to 270x, and can take pictures and video. If you want to see inside your lumens, we have you covered there too with our Flexible Inspection Scope. Want to see some of our tools in person? If you are in my territory in Arizona or New Mexico, I will be happy to personally bring some in for your review. Just don't ask me where my reading glasses are!


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