Do you ever notice that sequels are rarely better than the original movie? Some of my favorite movie series sequels are, "The Godfather II" and "Batman: The Dark Knight". Everything from the script to the acting seemed to be superior to the first movie. I remember the first time watching these movies and being very impressed that they pulled off making a sequel that I enjoyed more than the first movie. Now, "Caddyshack II" and "Blue Brothers 2000" are an entirely different story. Those productions may have been some of the biggest let downs in movie history. In fact, I believe they are on most movie critics' top 10 lists of worst sequels. I have to believe its not easy pulling off the perfect sequel, and especially difficult when its following up a blockbuster hit movie. Not only are the expectations high, but everything you produce has to be better than the first time around. The reason why I brought up sequels that are better than the original is because we have a new line of our custom labels that are magnetic. Your department is still able to make a lasting impression with your own custom message, but now you can remove and reapply custom labels to magnetic metal surfaces. Use them to communicate important messages on cabinets, sinks or any other magnetic metal surface in your department. They are just like the original, but only better!


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