If you have been reading the Healthmarket Digest for some time, you may remember in issue #203 Stephen Kovach mentions that kidney stones are the closest feeling that men have to feeling childbirth. If not, click here to read the article. I have never experienced kidney stones, but after my recent experience with gallbladder stones I can certainly empathise with the pain he must have gone through. One thing I know for sure is I never want to experience kidney stones. Fortunately, I was able to avoid this issue of becoming recurring by having my gallbladder removed. The best thing about a gallbladder is that you don't necessarily need them. This was a laparoscopic procedure called, "cholecystectomy". While at the hospital, I was very impressed with the organization of the staff and their preparation prior to surgery. I was certain that everything about my medical history, condition and procedure was well communicated. I was also impressed with their attire. Some of the staff had some unique personalized scrubs that added some style to what they were wearing. I am happy to say that I since have recovered quickly and am now able to get back to writing the Healthmarket Digest!


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