I was talking with the marketing staff today about modern day inventions and what has most impacted all of us. One of the most popular innovations of our discussion was the remote car starter. Mainly because we just had a snow storm last night and for those of us that don’t have one wished we did. I say that I’m going to get one installed every year, but before you know it the winter is over. Some of the other fascinating items we discussed were the smartphone and DVR. The interesting thing about both of these products is that they haven’t existed all that long, but it's difficult to imagine life without them. When I look into a Sterile Processing Department, there are different tools that are constantly being created to make tasks easier. One product that immediately comes to mind is the Adjustable Stringer . The Adjustable Stringer is an innovative instrument management tool that eliminates the need for double inventory of stringers. This tool adjusts to all sizes of instruments for more effective cleaning of hard to reach areas harboring bioburden, and can also be adjusted to the optimal width for placement of instruments for sterilization.


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