When the COVID-19 stay-at-home order started, I thought I was going to be very bored, but as a new home owner, I quickly found that I had a bunch of projects that I could do very easily to make my new home a little less cluttered. I started by making a list and stuck to it in my down time after work, and on the weekends. My list included both inside projects and outdoor projects: Inside: ☐ Organizing my closets ☐ Organizing my pantry ☐ Cleaning out the basement Outside: ☐ Cleaning and weeding the flower beds ☐ Cleaning the garage During this time, elective surgery counts are fewer than normal, and some staff may be having to work in other departments, or have reduced work weeks. Is now the time to work on those projects we have not finished or the ones we have been thinking about and haven’t started? We can also use this time to work on and research some quality improvement practices. Healthmark has a variety of tools and local sales reps that would love to help with these projects virtually, and in person when the time is right. These could include working in Decontam and tackling difficult and complex medical devices such as shavers. See the Healthmark products in the coupon below that can help get that spring cleaning list started. Use promo code: BRUSH20 when speaking with Healthmark Customer Service to receive free brush samples. Wishing you, your families, and staff stay healthy and safe during this time.


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