The term "clean sweep" is used a lot and it means "without dirt or impurities or to wipe something clean". This weekend was the start of spring and many of us are using this term to give our home a "Clean Sweep" or a "Spring Cleaning". We should take this time to do the same in our department; we can clean the storage bins, look at old inventory, and just give the department a good "clean sweep". This also might be the time to look and review our cleaning instructions for our various instruments, "Do we have them on file?", and "Has our staff received the proper training?". Because so many of us have been trained to think when spring comes around it is a time to do "spring cleaning", maybe we should just mark down each March as the time we annually do this in our departments. In any case if you are going to be doing any cleaning, make sure you read all the label information and follow the manufacturers directions (because they do change) and wear the proper supplies and attire for whatever you are going to clean. As I always say, remember to "Keep it Clean".


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